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Butterflies & Rainbows Cookie Decorating kit

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This Special 15 Cookie Butterflies & Rainbows Cookie Decorating Kit Is As Magical As It Is Beautiful. We have assemble a dazzling variety of butterfly shaped cookies along with custom colored pastel frostings and our unique blend confectionery toppings. 

Deluxe Version:

  • 12 Butterflies & Rainbows Sugar Cookies!
  • Colorful Confectionery Toppings

Choose Either:

  • Buttercream Icing- silky smooth; remains creamy and soft after application; assorted colors provided. 


  • Royal Icing-Dries to a smooth hard matte finish. Great for flooding or color flow decorating techniques for a professional look; assorted colors provided.


      *picture may differ from actual kit                

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