About Us

Our company is focused on providing fabulous fun filled baking and cooking events for birthday parties, holiday events, corporate teambuilding and employee appreciation events , classes, baking summer camps, scout and school trips and more.

We provide "live" baking parties and events in our beautiful Long Island, New York facility with a custom bakery kitchen and private party room. All inclusive party packages and plenty of hands on baking activities are offered for boys and girls of all ages.

Additionally, we provide through our on line store, a unique, fun filled and robust DIY line of ready to use, right out of the box baking kits- ideal for anytime fun.

We Ship Nationwide Right To Your Door!

Our baking and decorating kits are so easy and stress free to use and are developed to maximize all the fun aspects of baking people want to experience without all the "difficult-nitty-gritty" preparation that is often times necessary when baking.

They provide an  easy and  enjoyable way to make even the inexperienced into amazing bakers and cake decorators at an affordable price.

Our kits provide the best of REAL BAKING EXPERIENCES that are designed for REAL FUN and made SO EASY for everyone! They arrive with everything you need, right out of the box, providing you with a NO MESS, NO STRESS enjoyable baking experience. 

What makes us so GREAT at what we do?  As one of the creators of baking entertainment for over 20 years, we continue to provide fabulous hands on baking experiences through our birthday parties, classes, corporate events, holiday parties and many celebratory events in a custom bakery kitchen and facility designed for small to large groups.

​We are also an ALLERGY FRIENDLY  BAKERY,  that is why we are NUT FREE and many of our products such as our Cookie Decorating Kits are DAIRY FREE as well!  GLUTEN FREE  and EGG FREE Vegan options are also available.

We will continue to excel and roll out new products and services that people love.  You can be assured that the events we conduct and products you order, are from a well established and reputable company with many years experience developing baking products and special events. Additionally, you can rely on exceptional customer service and great quality of our products.

We would like to thank all our existing customers for supporting us and welcome all our new ones to The Celebrations In The Kitchen family! 

Now it’s time for you, your children, family, and friends to create your own memories!  

We Look Forward To Brightening Your Day!