Special EASTER 13 Cookie Decorating Kit (4475132084288)

EASTER 13 Cookie Decorating Kit

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Create Some Precious Memories And Celebrate This Most Special Day With These Amazing Easter Cookies! 


Each Kit Is Ready-To-Use Right Out Of The Box

13-  Fresh Baked Upon Order Baked EASTER Sugar Cookies 

 7- Snip N'Go Pastry Bags Filled With Colored Icings

 7-  Colored Confectionery toppings

  Dietary FYI: We do offer separate GLUTEN FREE options and EGG FREE options! Please be sure to order either "SPECIAL GLUTEN FREE OPTION ADD-ON" OR  "SPECIAL EGG FREE OPTION ADD-ON"  (both are not available together) under the Products Section. 

 These hand made delicious sugar cookies are made with kosher ingredients. We use pasteurized whole eggs and zero trans fat vegetable shortening and margarinT along with an assortment of flour, vanilla and citrus flavors to create a delightful crunchy texture.

This kit is ready to use upon opening.

 Our cookies are so much fun to decorate and taste delicious too!