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Our Double Chocolate Cupcake Baking Kit is designed to be great baking fun for kids and simple for parents! (Always a good combination). This is a great baking from scratch project which allows kids to use real "from scratch" ingredients to create a delightful chocolate cupcake batter.  Just follow simple baking instructions to bake the cupcakes, let cool and then the fun continues with decorating and icing the cupcakes creations using our simple Snip-N-Go pastry bags filled with chocoolate and vanilla icing plus chocolate confectionery ready to apply. 

Our Deluxe Chocolate Cupcake Baking Kit Includes:

 1- Aluminum 6 Compartment Cupcake Baking Pan

  • 6- Cupcake Paper Baking Liners
  • 1-Cup Cake Flour (with baking powder & salt pr mixed)
  • Vegetable Oil Infused With Vanilla Flavoring
  • Sugar
  • Cocoa
  •  1- Vanilla Buttercream Snip-N-Go Pastry Bag
  • 1 -Chocolate Buttercream Snip-N-Go Pastry Bag
  • Chocolate Confectionery Toppings Including Cocoa Drops, chocolate sprinkles...

 *NOTE: You will only need to supply: 1- Whole Egg & 3/4 Cup Milk * (try almond milk, or a milk substitute for dairy free option)

 Simple Baking & Decorating Instructions Provided


*Special Dietary FYI: We do offer separate GLUTEN FREE options and EGG FREE options! Please be sure to order either "SPECIAL GLUTEN FREE OPTION ADD-ON" OR  "SPECIAL EGG FREE OPTION ADD-ON"  (both are not available together) under the Products Section.