Employee Appreciation - A De Facto Strategy for Success

The basic reasons why corporate teambuilding has been and remains an important, essential strategy and investment for successful U.S. companies has not changed. What has changed however, is the new business environment companies are challenged with in the current and soon to be post-Covid-19 era. Today, "teambuilding" really equates to employee appreciation or recognition. Successful companies therefore understand the importance of employee moral and productivity and make employee gifting an integral part of there overall operational business strategy. As such , they are finding new ways to keep their employees engaged through employee activities, events and gifting alternatives.

Working from outside the office has not only become the standard in the current work environment but is most likely to remain the standard for the future. This is partly because employees working remotely have demonstrated they can be just as productive as if working in the corporate office. Of course this has been facilitated by innovative technology and creative employee management systems to optimize both internal and external customer communication.  

Today, management has a keen awareness of the overall morale and well being of their employees. Let's face it, there is no doubt that happy employees are productive employees.  Consequently, they have tasked Human Resource Directors, department executives, and  administrators with finding and organizing unique events and other activities which convey employee appreciation. Many larger companies have created full time event specialists who plan amusing and fun events and activities for their employees year round, which goes far beyond an annual "Employee Appreciation Day" recognition. In addition to just an expression of employee gifting, companies like to incorporate the flexibility or conducting corporate virtual events or some want the ability for the employee's family to share the experience for a deeper and lasting fun memory,  attributable to thoughtful company management.  

So ultimately, in this new environment, management must find innovative ways to increase employee morale and thereby increase the bottom line. 

The challenge therefore remains to find corporate teambuilding activities that appeal to a broad spectrum of employees, promote creativity, provide a fun and engaging experience separate from a "business" environment, and most importantly, be provided to the employee at a location of their convenience such has their home. Further, it is often important that the activity be either implemented as an effective virtual event to be shared amongst other team members or enjoyed independently by the employee and perhaps the employee's family as well. If that isn't a tall enough order, the widespread geographical location of team members can be quite diverse, making it even more difficult to find an activity to satisfy all the planners criteria. 

So what corporate teambuilding ideas or activities fit the bill? Think about what nearly all of us have grown up with that has and still does create happy,  lasting memories. Just about everyone I talk to about this subject, always seems to mention something about food. In particular, something sweet, like baking cupcakes, decorating cookies, making a special cake, baking your own fresh made donuts. You get the picture. 

Talking about camaraderie,  and getting to know what makes people smile, that is what Celebrations In The Kitchen excels in. For over 20 years, this company has been providing unique baking events for small to large groups.

The company has reinvented themselves through a 100 percent on line business and has successfully transitioned from an entertainment, service oriented business to a product based business through their extensive line of baking and decorating kits.

To date, C.I.K. has successfully provided the products and services to  help a multitude of U.S. companies,  ranging from manufacturing, technology, financial services, pharmaceuticals an others plan and expedite fun, unique and rewarding employee activities. 


CIK's baking kit offerings are perfect for year round fun with many diverse themes.  Need something custom for your event? Give them a call and they will be happy to consult with you and answer all your questions related to expediting your event smoothly.  You will be pleasantly surprised on how simple and easy it can be to offer a unique and exciting baking event that all your employees will surely love and appreciate!

The innovative and unique baking and decorating kits from CIK not only provide tremendous fun for employees, but in many cases provide terrific fun for the participant's family. All in all, a great way to show employee appreciation or conduct a successful corporate teambuilding event!

Celebrations In the Kitchen provides a 'white glove' corporate events service which streamlines all the necessary logistical components for expediting your event whether it be for 15 or 150 plus participants. Both small and large groups are as "easy as pie" . They provide consulting and product recommendation based upon your event, in addition to complete order entry from your participant list, order processing and nationwide shipping and simple payment invoicing . All corporate and group orders are completely managed by a central contact who manages your order and they keep in touch with you every step of the way. 

Kits are all made fresh and shipped to meet your target event date. There are many unique baking kits to choose from including a diverse line up of themes for cookie decorating kits, cupcake and donut kits and cake decorating kits too. Consequently, they have kits for year round fun. Don't forget special holiday planned corporate events. You can find many special holiday baking kits  for all the major holidays. However don't forget to plan extra early if possible,  around holiday planned corporate events to allow for processing and shipping. 

CIK baking kits are developed to provide all the fun of baking and decorating without the sometimes tedious preparation associated with baking. Kits are ready to use right out of the box and come fully packed with icings, confectionery and a whole lot more to allow the users to have an amazing fun filled baking or decorating experience.

CIK's baking kits are terrific for companies to run their own virtual employee events, since they are so easy to use and ready to use right out of the box!  If you would like however, Celebrations In The Kitchen can provide a live virtual instructor led event for an additional fee. A big plus is that many dietary options exist for your teams participants such as gluten free, vegan, and gluten/egg free and dairy free. Their facility is totally nut free too. 

 So, if you find yourself searching for a unique and fun employee recognition or appreciation gift or unique employee activity, check out all the amazing baking kits your team will truly love!

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