Baking Classes & Events

You may register for a class or classes by  calling 516 396 2193 OR email us with the following information;
Class Name
Date of class
Name of person(s) attending
Your email
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  • Participants must meet minimum class age requirements 
  • First come first serve until class maximum is reached.
  • Minimum participation is required for us to conduct classes.
  • Payment if full is due upon registration

baking & cooking classes



Mini Camp- june 27th-June 29th.............. $59.95 per class

CALL 516 396 2193 TO REGISTER

Summertime Fun Cookie Baking & Deco July 6th Thurs 12:30-2PM $49.95 (includes pizza lunch)

Ages 6 and up; Pizza Lunch and Beverage included

Call 516 396 2193 to register

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Baking & deco Weds. July 12th 10am -11:30

$59.95 Ages 6 and Up Includes pizza lunch

Call 516 396 2193 to register

Candy Burst Cake-Aug. 3rd THURS. 9:30 To ~11:00; $79.95

For Ages 12 yrs and up. Learn the basics of how to assemble and decorate this whimsical candy filled cake!

CALL 516 396 2193 TO REGISTER

Rainbow Cupcake Baking & deco -Aug 9th wed. 12:30pm~2pm $65.95+tx.

For Ages 7 and up.

Each guest will make a set of 6 different colored cupcakes from scratch. Decorate with rainbow swirl icing and colorful confectionery.

CALL 516 396 2193 TO REGISTER

Scones and Muffins aug. 17th thurs 9:30am-11 65.95+TX

for Ages 8 and up.

Guests will make 1 dozen assorted scones (choc. chip, blueberry, cranberry) and 6 pumpkin cranberry muffins

CALL 516 396 2193 TO REGISTER