Cupcake Baking And Decorating Birthday Party

We Have A Terrific Cupcake Baking And Decorating Birthday Party Near You!


  • Super Fun And Engaging Baking Party Where You Can Bake From Scratch AND Decorate
  • Each Guest will make SIX (6) cupcakes and decorate them with colorful buttercream icings and bended confectionery toppings.
  • A Great Introduction To Basic Baking Skills For Girls and Boys Alike
  • Want to do a THEME baking birthday party? How about a "Nailed It or Cupcake Wars theme for a fun twist!

Need to customize your cupcake party with some special themes or options? 

Choose From some Of Our POPULAR THEMES Such As:
    Our New Barbie Theme
    "NAILED IT" (from the TV show)

    Have a CUSTOM THEME in mind? Give us a call TODAY! 

    How About A Popular Upgrade To A Cupcake Baking Party Such As:

    • Chocolate Cupcake Baking
    • Choose  A Pastel Colored Batter
    • Add Rainbow Icing to the Cupcake Decorative Portion Of The Party
    • Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Baking


        Cupcake Baking In Our KitchenCupcake Made By Party GuestsRainbow Icing Cupcake Party 1

        Ice Cream Cone Baking Party 1


        Chocolate Cupcake Baking Party 1