Why You Need a Cookie Decorating Kit: 13 Great Ways to Decorate Cookies

Why You Need a Cookie Decorating Kit: 13 Great Ways to Decorate Cookies




Did you know that the average American eats about 300 cookies each year? That’s almost one cookie per day. Hard to believe?

Well, it's true! This makes sense when you consider how delicious and versatile this dessert is... and how much fun they are to bake and decorate.


That's why there's no better way to get creative and express yourself than by using a cookie decorating kit. Whether you have kids or simply want to have an awesome time with friends, decorating your own cookies is a ton of fun. Here, we're going to discuss some of the best options for creating (and consuming) the perfect beautiful and delicious confections!

Kid's Favorite Creations

Nostalgia is the closest thing we have in this world to real magic. Because of this, it's important that we give our kids a childhood that they can remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. Spending quality time with them is an essential part of this.


Baking and decorating cookies with your child is a fun and creative way to bring the whole family closer together. Not only can you create together, but kids can use cookie kits to express themselves in all sorts of ways!

Unicorn Cookie Decorating Kit

1. Magical Cookie Decorating Kit

If you have a child who believes in the power of magic, a unicorn deluxe cookie decorating kit is the perfect way to help them harness their creative spirit. These kits come with cookies shaped like mythical creatures, hearts, and rainbows so that children can let their imaginations run wild!


Like all of our kits, this option comes with multiple colors of icing that kids can get creative with. There's no need to decorate the shapes only as we would see them look in reality! After all, this kit is meant to be magic.


Who says the rainbow can't be eight shades of blue? It's all about creativity and self-expression when it comes to baking delicious cookies!



Space Force Cookie Decorating Kit

2. A Race to Space

If your kids are like most youngsters out there, they likely have had (or are currently having) a really intense interest in space. Space incites feelings of curiosity and pathways of learning in science, technology, engineering and math. This makes sense- after all, the idea of exploring what exists beyond our world is an enticing prospect even to adults. We all want to know what's out there!


You and your kids can explore this together with the Space Force Deluxe cookie kit. Make sure that you and your child look into space-related facts together before you start baking- this will make the experience so much more interesting to both of you! Decorate cookies to look just like the rockets that you watch together on TV. Make planets look like those that you read about together in picture books.

3. Favorite Characters

Speaking of consuming media together, people of all ages become incredibly attached to fictional characters. After all, the people that we get to know in books or on TV inspire us. They remain a constant in our ever-changing lives and are therefore a huge comfort.

Mickey mouse Minnie Mouse  Cookie Decorating Kit


We offer a wide variety of character cookies that feature monsters and superheroes kids love. Whether your child prefers Elmo, Mickey Mouse, or The Incredible Hulk, there's a cookie set on our website that they're sure to love!


Super Heros Cookie Decorating Kit

 One way to get even more creative with this is to make sets from the show or movie that you're making cookies from. You can have your child recreate their favorite scenes (or, to get even more creative, scenes that they'd like to see in the future). Let them put on a little cookie-puppet show before eating your creations together!





4. Back to School Special

Most kids really aren't fans of back-to-school season, but you can make it a whole lot more fun for everyone involved. Get them excited for the new year with a back-to-school cookie kit!


Back To School Cookie Decorating Kit

This features 15 school-themed cookies and 6 awesome colors that kids can get creative with. As you work together to decorate yellow (or bright blue) school buses and your child's favorite letters of the alphabet, ask them what they're most looking forward to in the coming school year. You'd be surprised what they're willing to talk about when they're in a positive cookie-loving mood!


Express Your Interests

If you don't have kids, all isn't lost! You can still totally decorate cookies without any shame. Grab a partner or some friends, get crackin', and start snackin' and have some fun creating delicious cookies side by side or even remotely.


Mermaids Cookie Decorating Kit

Any of our cookie kits are perfect for adults. Who says you can't love magical mermaids anymore as an adult? That makes no sense considering that literally everyone loves magical mermaids. Still, if you're looking for a more adult-oriented kit, we have several in our shop that you might want to keep an eye on!

5. Marine Animal Love

We'll let you in on a secret: you don't need to be near the beach to hang out with the marine animals that you love. We're not talking about Discovery Channel documentaries (although those are a good idea). We're talking about our awesome sea life cookie kits!


Marine Animals Cookie Decorating Kit

Next time you and a friend are feeling bored, hop on the kitchen countertop and start decorating little fish, octopi, seahorses, and cool sharks in a lot of different colors. This is even more awesome to do during Shark Week since it gives you something to do with your hands as you learn cool facts from your TV.

6. Time for Country Music

Are you a country fan? Want to feel like you're doing something productive while blasting your favorite country tunes? Well, in that case, our Country Music cookie kit is perfect for your All-American needs.


Country Music Cookie Decorating Kit

Though we're partial to Taylor Swift's early country days, you can blast a CD from literally any artist that you like while decorating these cookies. This makes this kit the perfect choice for solo decorating. Have fun singing at the top of your lungs while you create funky-colored guitars, interestingly-patterned music notes, and more!


Here is a picture of country music super start making one of our cakes!

7. Zoo Animals and Pets

If you're an animal lover and want to extend your cookie repertoire beyond just sea creatures, we've got you covered. We have both pet-oriented and that you can decorate in an attempt to unleash your wild side.


Zoo Animals Cookie Decorating Kit

This is an especially fun activity if you and the person you're decorating with actually have pets that you love. You can try to replicate your cats or dogs as closely as possible if you choose the pet cookie kit.

If you prefer to go with Zoo Animals, that also is cool. See which of you can come up with the craziest color schemes for these wild creatures and make up stories about how the animals would, hypothetically, have wound up that way. Insane paint accident? Divine intervention? Anything is possible!

Galaxy Cookie Decorating Kit

8. Space Race (Grown-Up Style)

Even for those who don't have kids, exploring the galaxy can be a fascinating adventure. That's why we've come out with the Galaxy Deluxe cookie decorating kit, which features all nine planets (For our purposes, Pluto totally counts) and a few stars to boot. You can use the multicolored icing to construct your own version of the solar system.

9. Beachy-Keen Summer Fun

Summer Time Fun Cookie Decorating Kit

Are you finding the wait until summer to be insufferable? You're far from alone. When cold, snowy weather comes to play, it's only natural that you miss the beach from far away.


However, you can bring the beach- and the best season of the year- to your home with our Summertime Fun cookie kit. With pastel-colored icing that's perfect for decorating beach balls, palms, and cool sunglasses, this kit is filled with nothing short of chill vibes. Blast some of your favorite road-trip tunes and get creative!

Seasonal Fun

Speaking of summer, it isn't the only time of year that deserves a little love. All four seasons deserve to be celebrated with their very own cookie kits, as do the holidays that happen in them. Summertime Fun and Marine Animal decorating kits are perfect for the summer, but you'll also want to decorate some pumpkins for Halloween and make the perfect cookies for Santa.

Christmas Fun Cookie Decorating Kit


Halloween Friends & Fun Cookie Decorating Kit

Let's take a look at some of the best seasonal cookie sets that you can use to show off your love for every part of the year!

10. Cookies for Spooky Season

In our admittedly very biased opinion, Halloween is one of the absolute best times of the year. What other day can you dress up as literally anything you want, gorge yourself on sugar, and have it be 100% socially acceptable? There are no other days like that. It's one of a kind.


Our Halloween Friends and Fun cookie kit is awesome for this reason, but we also offer something even more unique. The Halloween Ultimate Cookie House is basically the spooky equivalent of a gingerbread house. It's got cookies, candy corn, nonpareils, and more so that you can create an amazingly festive and unique experience.

Halloween Cookie House Kit


After Halloween is over (sadness!), you can still keep your cookie-making momentum going. We have Thanksgiving kits that you're sure to love including autumnal vibe cookies, family place setting cookies, and more.

11. Wintertime Fun

Let It Snow Cookie Decorating Kit

As Thanksgiving decorations are taken down and giant snowflakes take their place, autumn turns over into winter. And what better way to celebrate this than by decorating some winter-inspired cookies? These are perfect for people who celebrate every holiday to come together and become closer!


You can choose between our Wintertime Fun and Let It Snow cookie kits when you want to get your snowy groove on. Better yet, you can gather a ton of people together and decorate both!

Making cookies together in front of the fireplace is a fun and exciting way to keep warm and have a good time. Grab some blankets, turn on some Trans-Siberian Orchestra music, and get rolling!

12. Holiday Madness

Hanukkah Cookie Decorating Kit

In addition to our wintertime sets, we also offer multiple Thanksgiving,  Christmas and Hanukkah sets so that you can celebrate the holidays in style. Whether you want a Happy Hanukkah set or some Blessed


Christmas Cookie House Decorating Kit

Christmas nativity cookies, we've got you covered. This is a great way to prepare yourself and your family for the exciting days coming up!

Want to try something even cooler? We offer gingerbread house options for both Christmas and


Hanukkah. These kits come with the same awesome icing options as our cookie sets do, but they also include candy, little festive decorations, and more. Plus, since every bit of these kits is edible, there's no need to worry about kids eating anything they shouldn't!

Hanukkah House Cookie Kit


The coolest cookie cake of them all (and most functional) is our thanksgiving name card cookie cake kit! Create cookies with your guest’s names on them and use them to indicate whose sitting where. No more getting stuck at the kids table!

13. Birthday Bashes


It's Your Birthday Cookie Decorating Kit

While your birthday technically isn't a holiday, it 100% is a special day for you. If your big day is coming soon, invite some friends over for a movie night while you bake 'it's your birthday' cookies. You're a pretty awesome person, after all, and a bit of indulgence on your birthday is nothing to be ashamed of!


If it's someone else's birthday, though, that's even better. You can surprise them with one of these birthday cookie sets (or, honestly, any cookie set that you think they'll be interested in.) This is a great way to make anyone's special day memorable. Make sure to snap some pictures of your creations, too!


Get Baking!

While there are tons of ways that you can have fun and express yourself, using a cookie decorating kit for a fun and delicious time is one of the best.


Now that you know how to choose a kit that works best for yourself and those around you, it's time to start baking! Contact us with any lingering questions that you have about our confections and how you can begin decorating them.


Our experts are happy to help point you toward a cookie kit that will be perfect for your occasion or just for having a good time.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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