Happy Hanukkah Burst Cake Decorating Kit

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Create Your Own Special Dessert To Celebrate Hanukkah This Year With Our Happy Hanukkah Cake Decorating Kit.

Have a ton of cake decorating fun with family. We have created this kit with everything  you need , ready to use right out of the box! No experience necessary, No mess, No fuss... just FUN!

You will create a beautiful "ombre" finish to the outside cake with blue and white buttercream frosting. A special burst confectionery is provided for the surprise center fill.  Special hand cut and "painted" fondant pieces including menorah, draedels, 6 pointed stars and 9 candles are provided for outer decoration.

Our Happy Hanukkah Burst Cake Decorating Kit includes:

  • Six (6) Layers of Our Vanilla Sponge Cake (notched for a special Hanukkah center fill confectionery)
  • Our Vanilla Buttercream Frosting for Inner fill and Outer Covering (In Snip-N-Go Pastry Bags)
  • Our Sky Blue Buttercream Frosting For Outer Covering (In Snip-N-Go Pastry Bags)
  • Our Special Hanukkah Blend of Confectionery (for surprise center burst fill)
  • Hand Cut and Painted Hanukkah Fondant Pieces (menorah, 9 candles, dreidels, stars)
  • Gold Colored Cake Board


Easy to Follow Directions