DINOSAUR Volcano Cake Decorating Kit

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Our DINOSAUR-VOLCANO Cake Decorating Kit Literally ERUPTS WITH FUN! Amaze your Friends And Family With Your Cake Decorating Skills! Don't Worry---You Can Do This!

Everything Is Ready To Use Right Out Of the Box So You Can Get Right To the Fun Stuff!

This Cake Kit Comes With Six Separate Layers Of Rainbow Cake. You Will Create A Candy Explosion Center That Bursts Open When You Cut The Cake.  

Our DINOSAUR-VOLCANO Cake Decorating Kit includes:

  • 6- Individual Vibrant Rainbow Colored Layers Of Our Celebrations Freshly Baked Cake  (7 in. in  diameter), notched for center candy filings and ready for  assembly; serves 10-12)
  • 1 Volcano Formed Cake 
  • A Happy Family Of Dinosaur Cookies(already Decorated and ready to use)
  • 1- Container of "Volcanic" Candy  For Explosion Center Filling (multi colored sixlets, colored sprinkles,chocolate chips and primary sequins)
  •  Pastry Bags Of Our Delicious Colored Buttercream  
  • Cake Decorating Accessories including Trees( non edible), Dinosaur Sugar Appliques
  • 1- Cake Board
  • 1- stainless steel icing spatula

  • Simple Instructions On How To Assemble And Decorate