COMPLETE COOKIE BAKING KIT (for cutout cookies)

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Our Sugar Cookie Dough Baking Kit  is EASY to use and will provide plenty  of baking FUN for your inspiring bakers! Our Ready To Use Cookie Baking Kit comes with everything you need, including cookie dough, rolling pin, cookie cutters, parchment , flour and confectionery toppings. Simply roll, cut  and decorate sugar cookies that can be simply baked in only 10 minutes!

 Our Cookie Dough is great for cut out cookies. It is made from our proprietary dairy and nut free .    It is very easy to roll out and perfect for decorating prior to baking with appropriate confectionery such as sprinkles chocolate chips.  Our cookie dough has a delicious vanilla and light citrus taste with a delightful crunch after baking.

 Ingredients include a variety of bakers flour, zero trans fat pure vegetable shortening and margarine, pasteurized whole eggs, salt, vanilla and citrus flavors.

Our Cookie Baking Kit Includes:


  • 1-lb. Celebrations Cookie Dough
  • 1- Small Rolling Pin (red handles)
  • 1- Parchment Paper Liner (to bake your cookies on)
  • 3- Cookie Cutters (Shapes vary)
  • 3 -Confectionery Toppings
  • 1- Container of flour (for dusting work surface)

Note: For Additional Cookie Dough Pieces, simply order the number of additional pieces your require. (see: "Cookie Dough 2 pc." in our product list)

*Remember our cookie dough can be frozen for later use too.


**Dietary FYI:  **Special Allergy Note: We do offer separate GLUTEN FREE options and EGG FREE options! Please be sure to order either " GLUTEN FREE OPTION ADD-ON" OR  "EGG FREE OPTION ADD-ON"  (both are not available together) under the Dietary Options.