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Our 6 vibrant colors of Rainbow Cookie Dough come individually packed and will provide tons of fun for those creative bakers out there!

 The dough can be refrigerated or frozen for later use. It is dairy and nut free. This dough is very easy to use. Users can easily roll and shape small pieces of dough to make hand shaped rainbow cookies. Also perfect for a beautiful platter of tie dyed cookies!

This kit includes:  SIX-- 3.75 ounce containers of colored cookie dough. 

We use pasteurized whole eggs and zero trans fat vegetable shortening and margarine along with an assortment of flour, vanilla and citrus flavors to create a delightful crunchy texture.They can be baked for approximately 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

Note:  Our dough is shipped in a thermal casing box with cold packs and should be promptly placed in the refrigerator or freezer UPON DELIVERY.  The dough may be defrosted, temperate and the cold packs may be melted. This is normal, however during the summer months, someone must be available to receive the shipment upon delivery so it is not left outside during the hot weather season.  See our terms for other questions regarding shipping and timing of your delivery.