Plan An Amazing Kid's Birthday Party For 2021

Let's face it, planning a fun and successful birthday party for your son or daughter is a daunting task to take on given the current times we live in. Today, parents find themselves significantly deprived of great entertainment activities and amusing venues that they had once been so accustomed to,  seemingly not to long ago.

Many of the venues that were once the must have places for a birthday party are now, sadly,  non existent thanks to the worldwide pandemic. The reality is that our kids are only young once and the window of childhood birthday party memories is closing faster than what most of us would like.

However, you don't need to feel frustrated or guilty of depriving your kids a truly fun and memorable birthday party that they can enjoy with their friends and family,  even in this restrictive Covid environment.

So what would be a birthday party that all kids, boys and girls alike would love to have?  Equally important, is it something parents can easily provide--no stress or mess? One such party is an amazing BAKING PARTY which any parent can easily organize with terrific baking kits from Celebrations In The Kitchen.

CIK offers unique cookie decorating , cupcake and cake decorating kits. Each kit comes with everything you need for each guest. For parties in particular, they offer the PARTY IN A BOX (PIBX) which is designed for group decorating or baking activities like parities.  The PIBX comes with 5 individual kits. For additional guests, add on kits  can be purchased. These thoughtfully designed  baking kits provide a ton of baking and decorating fun without all the tedious preparation needed for most baking related activities. This no mess, no fuss design of their products allow pure fun and enjoyment because people get to do what they like most.

For example , their popular cookie decorating kits come with fresh baked cookies( individually sealed),   in various theme designs, colorful icing (ready to use in Snip N Go pastry bags), and an assortment of amusing confectionery toppings. There are other options such as cupcake and donut baking and decorating kits which allow users to easily bake from scratch (no mixes here) and decorate their creations. There is a great cake decorating kit which come with fresh baked, pre sliced layers of cake, buttercream icing, and decorating supplies to fill, ice and decorate your own cake.

You will find these kits, especially the cookie kit to be ready to use right out of the box so kids can get to having all the fun right away. It's easy to organize this party in your kitchen, dining room, basement or rec room area. This is a great party to run virtually as well. You can drop off the kits at your guests house or CIK can ship them for you nationwide. 

Should you have allergy concerns for some of your participating guests, Celebrations In the Kitchen is a nut free facility. Also they offer dietary options such as gluten free, dairy free and vegan for many of their kits. 

So when that next birthday to celebrate rolls around, throw a fabulous baking party with  baking kits from Celebrations In the Kitchen. 

Go to to order and find out more about their full line of baking kits. 

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