How To Choose A Great Place To Have A Children's Party On Long Island

Parents often struggle trying to choose a party place for their son or daughter's upcoming birthday party. There is much to consider such as:

  • Outdoor vs. Indoor Party Venue--weather conditions can often dampen the best of plans
  • Active/Hands On Activity vs. Passive/spectator Activity
  • All Inclusive Packages vs. Additional Parent Preparation Required 
  • Appropriate for All Guests--Something that Boys and Girls Will Love?
  • Additional Costs...birthday cake, goodie bags, food for adults to consider?
  • Small Number Of Guests vs. Larger Number? How Many Kids can be accommodated?
  • Is the Party Well Structured, Organized and Supervised? 
  • Is the Venue Easy to Find?  Enough Parking and Convenient For Guests?


Celebrations In The Kitchen has made it an easy and a simple choice to make sure your child's next party is a great one!  Why do we say that?

Consider this: When you think about enduring memories of family and childhood, inevitably those times are going to include something about family, food and gatherings in the kitchen.

Whether it is preparing a special celebration meal, creating a special cake for a loved one or baking something sweet like cookies, brownies or cupcakes ...experiences of great kitchen fun is something everyone seems to have fond memories of.

Celebrations In the Kitchen has well over 20 years experience offering exceptional baking birthday parties, classes, holiday parties, corporate/employee outings and so much more.

So, Why Is A Celebrations IN the Kitchen Party The Best Party You Can Have?
  • REAL Baking Activities That Provide A Memorable, Fun and Creative Experience For All Guests-All Parties Are private, Where We do 1 party at a time
  • A Large AUTHENTIC BAKERY KITCHEN  Where Guests Become Real Bakers And Get To Create and Decorate Classics Such As Sugar Cookies, Cupcakes, Donuts, Cakes ands Let's Not Forget Pizza Making
  • One Party At A Time Insures Privacy
  • All Inclusive Party Package Including Our Fresh Baked "Grandma" Style Bakery Pizza AND Colorfully decorated Birthday Cake
  • Fresh Baked Pizza For The Adults Is A Great Option Too
  • Theme Cake Upgrades Are Available
  •  Easy To Get To, Convenient Central Location With Lots of Parking
  • No Need For Additional "Goodie Bags" Since The Kids Go Home With What They Make

 The Bottom line: Choosing a birthday party venue does not have to be a difficult decision. Whether your list of invitees are small or large, CIK can accommodate your group.  Since our baking projects are terrific for boys and girls alike, a Celebrations Baking Party is a great choice you will want to make year after year. 


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